Other Licensing Transactions
Amendments and Change Level


Licence Amendments

A licence amendment is required for any name change, including trade names. There is no specific application form required for an amendment. Appropriate documentation (e.g., name change certificate, marriage certificate or confirmation of trade name); a letter outlining the amendment being requested; the licence certificate; and fee is to be submitted. You may use this OPTIONAL FORM.

HINT: Often when corporations go through a reorganization that results in a name change, it is thought that only a name change is required to record the change. When the amendment is received and reviewed, it is often found that although operationally the only change seen is the name change, there has actually been a new company formed. Organizations going through any form of reorganization should check with their legal counsel to confirm whether there has been any legal change to the entity before submitting the amendment application. If further direction is required, call our office for assistance.

Update Level of Licence:

If you wish to change your level of licence, you must submit proof of any education requirements and / or if applying for a level 3 licence, provide specifics regarding the management role you will be playing. There is no cost associated with this. You may use this OPTIONAL FORM. If you do not include the appropriate documentation, then your request will be returned to you without being processed.

Fee Schedule