Continuing Education
Travel Program


Travel Insurance

Exempt employees and commissioned salespersons of restricted travel agencies and licensed sole-proprietors must complete a minimum of two hours of continuing education each calendar year. Individuals who commence work as a restricted travel insurance agent after July 1 in a calendar year will only be required to complete one hour of continuing education in that calendar year.

The course or seminar content must be measured against the criteria outlined below:

Content: Credits are granted for courses where the licensee’s travel insurance knowledge is improved, and include courses that enhance expertise in a particular insurance product line.

Structure: The education must take place in a structure dedicated to learning. Day-to-day business or professional reading does not qualify.

Facilitator: The facilitator is expected to be fully qualified. You can usually verify this through course or promotional materials.

Carry Forward:

There is no carry over of credits permitted. Two credits must be obtained each calendar year.