Criminal Record Check


Non-Residents of B.C.

  • Contact your local RCMP or police detachment in advance of your visit to determine the processing requirements, cost of the service and hours the service is available in your jurisdiction.

  • You must bring a REQUEST FROM COUNCIL confirming you require this check be completed for licensing purposes. Print and take this letter with you or your request may not be processed.

  • If the police agency will only provide the criminal record check directly to Council, you may be required to provide a postage paid envelope addressed to Council. If you do not have a postage paid addressed envelope, your request may not be processed. It is suggested you determine this in advance.

  • If you are requesting a criminal record check from the RCMP in the Category of Information for Disclosure you must request Categories 1, 2, 3 and 4.

  • If the search indicates you may have a criminal record, Council requires an original criminal record printout. (This is different than a criminal record check.) The process for obtaining this may vary between agencies and detachments, so discuss the process with the detachment you are dealing with.