Criminal Record Check
Vancouver Residents


Vancouver Residents

  • You must go to the address shown below and bring the Vancouver Police Department OPEN LETTER TO ALL POLICE AGENCIES form. The Vancouver Police Department will not process your request if you do not bring this form with you.

  • The Vancouver Police Department requires two pieces of identification. Both pieces of identification must have your signature; at least one must be photo identification; and one must show your date of birth

  • Criminal record checks are conducted at the following location for Vancouver residents only:

    Vancouver Police Department
    2120 Cambie Street, Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 4N6
    Phone: 604-717-3043

    Contact the police agency before attending its office to confirm hours of operation, fees for services and method of payment. Council does not have this information.

  • Bring a postage paid envelope addressed to you. The Vancouver Police Department will not provide a third party with your criminal record check.

  • If the search indicates you may have a criminal record, Council also requires an original criminal record printout. (This is different from a criminal record check.) The Vancouver Police will fingerprint you to complete this process.