Just For First Time Applicants


Whether You Are Applying For An Indivdual, Corporate or Partnership Licence
Please Read The Following Page In Its Entirety Before Finalizing Your Application.


New applicants often believe they can begin work once they have completed the education requirements and have obtained employment or a contract. This is not true. Regardless of what you hear to the contrary, in order to work as an agent, salesperson or adjuster, you must submit a fully completed application to Council and the application must be approved before you are licensed. You may not conduct insurance activities if you do not hold an active licence.


There is a great deal of information in this website and in the application packages you can download. In excess of 50% of applications received are missing something. This results in delays in the licensing process. Start the process early and read through the appropriate Licence Qualifications section and the application instructions carefully. These contain the information you need to complete your application accurately.

  • Do not depend on someone else to tell you what to do.

  • Do not allow someone else to complete your personal information.

  • Do take the time to understand the whole process.

If you ensure you submit all the requirements as needed, the process will proceed more quickly and easily. If you are applying for a life insurance, general insurance or adjuster licence, read the Criminal Record Check section carefully.

You can see if your application has been approved through the Search Licensees. If you cannot confirm your licensing status through the website and it has been more than 10 business days since all of your application requirements have been received by Council, contact our office for further information.

Your application will be reviewed for suitability requirements, including criminal and bankruptcy and any prior disciplinary or licence refusals. An overview of this review is outlined below.

It is also important to note that applicants must submit a fully completed application, including as required a criminal record check, fees and proof of completion of the required education and experience requirements, before Council can make a determination on whether a licence will be issued.


Once you have a licence, you have a number of responsibilities and obligations. Read Council Rules and the Code of Conduct carefully and review the Licensee Responsibilities section to familiarize yourself with your responsibilities. If you have trouble locating either the Rules or the Code, call our office.

You have chosen a career in the insurance industry and setting high standards of practice can only help both you and your clients. If you have questions on practice issues that are not covered in Council's published material, contact our office and we will assist whenever possible.


The Rules require applicants to satisfy Council they are suitable to hold an insurance licence before granting a licence. When considering a licence application, staff review the information provided in accordance with the Act, Rules and Council policies to determine whether a licence may be issued or further investigation is required. The information provided in this section addresses only highlights of the review conducted on a first time application.

Criminal Convictions and Charges

Council must ensure that applicants and licensees have not been convicted of any offence that reveals them unfit to hold a licence. Applicants are therefore required to obtain a CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK and disclose all convictions and pending criminal charges, including where an absolute or conditional discharge has been granted.

Where the applicant has committed an offence for which a discharge has been granted and the offence is considered relevant, Council may review the circumstances in assessing the applicant’s suitability.

Outstanding Criminal Charges

Council will not consider first time applicants charged with a relevant offence until the charge has been disposed of. Then the applicant, if convicted, will be subject to Council’s guidelines regarding convictions.

Partnerships and Corporations

Council considers criminal charges (including pending charges) of partners, officers, directors, controlling shareholders, employees and nominees in determining the suitability of the partnership or corporation. All disclosure requirements and reviews are similar to those of individual applicants and licensees.

Financial Reliability of Individuals

Applicants are required to disclose filings, arrangements or other proceedings under bankruptcy and insolvency legislation in which the applicant was involved, whether or not it is related to the sale or trade of financial products or services, in accordance with the application form.

Financial Reliability of Partnerships and Corporations

Applicants are required to disclose filings, arrangements or other proceedings under bankruptcy and insolvency legislation in which the applicant was involved, whether or not it is related to the sale or trade of financial products or services, in accordance with the application form.

Prior Disciplinary Actions or Refusal of Licence

Council ensures that applicants meet the suitability requirements by requiring them to disclose on applications any disciplinary actions taken or proceedings commenced against them by any financial services regulator (insurance or otherwise) or any professional or occupational body in any jurisdiction. Applicants must also disclose previous refusals of licences or registrations by such organizations.