Licence Qualifications



Council is able to consider alternate education and experience if it is demonstrated to be equivalent to the standard education and experience requirements.

In order to properly assess any such request, individuals must provide specific details proving how the alternate experience and education equates to the same level and depth of knowledge provided by the prescribed requirements. (See LICENCE QUALIFICATIONS.)

When providing details on the alternate education applicants must include details comparing the content to the prescribed education, and include supporting documentation on successful completion. For alternate experience, a resume is insufficient as it is primarily written to obtain employment. Specifics of job duties and the breadth of insurance products or adjusting dealt with is required.

The applicant must do the comparisons and make a detailed submission. If sufficient detail is not provided, then problems will be encountered. All equivalency requests must be submitted with a fully completed licence application. This includes fees.

An estimated processing time for equivalency requests cannot be provided due to the uniqueness of each request. Applicant's can, however, expect Council staff to provide you with an initial response within 10 business days of the application.