Licence Qualifications


Non-Residents of B.C.

Licensed In Home Jurisdiction: In order to apply for any form of non-resident licensing in the Province of B.C., applicants must first be licensed for the same licence in their home jurisdiction. If the applicant's home jurisdiction does not require a licence, then appropriate documentation from the governing authority will be required. If the applicant's home jurisdiction has a website where Council may confirm their current licence status and the classes of insurance authorized, then a Certificate of Authority is not required. If the home jurisdiction does not have a website then a Certificate of Authority must accompany the licence application and must be dated no more than 90 days prior to its receipt in Council's office.

Continuing Education: Non-resident licensees whose home jurisdiction has a mandatory continuing education requirement will not be required to meet Councilís requirements provided they keep their licence in good standing in their home jurisdiction.

However, regardless of the home jurisdiction, a new B.C. licensee must complete the Council Rules Course during his/her first licence period as part of the continuing education requirements that apply to all new B.C. licensees. For additional details on this continuing education requirement, view Council Notice ICN 16-001 Publications under Notices.

Other: With the exception of the issues noted above, non-resident applicants and licensees are subject to the same rules and requirements as residents, so review this website carefully.