Licence Qualifications
Travel Agencies


Travel Insurance

Only the travel agency or wholesaler (corporate, partnership or sole proprietor) registered under the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act is required to hold a restricted travel agent licence with Council. Employees or commissioned salespeople of the licensed travel insurance agency are exempt from licensing where the individualís only activity as an insurance agent or salesperson is in connection with travel insurance as defined in the Insurance Licensing Exemption Regulation sold incidentally to the ordinary business of the travel agent or travel wholesaler AND:

  1. The individual has passed the course and exam approved by Council. Once an individual has taken the course and exam it is valid for a period of one year. If the individual has not worked in the travel insurance industry for one year after successful completion of the course, then the individual is not eligible for the exemption and the course and exam must be retaken. Any individual who has not been actively involved in the travel insurance industry for two or more years must take the course and exam again before they are eligible for the exemption. It is the responsibility of the travel agency to determine whether an individual meets the education requirement. Also see Councilís Notice ICN# 05-001 dated January 5, 2005 in the NOTICES section for further information. AND

  2. The individual must complete a minimum of two hours of continuing education each calendar year. There are requirements regarding the type of education that must be taken and mandatory record keeping. All of these requirements are set out under CONTINUING EDUCATIONĖTRAVEL INSURANCE.

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