Other Licensing Transactions


Continuous Licensing Annual Filings

Continuous licences do not have an expiry date, however, licensees must make annual filings to Council. The filing date is June 1st. The filing date is the same for all licensees, regardless of the class of licence held.

Where a licensee fails to meet a filing deadline, the licensee will be required to pay a late filing fee. Where a licensee has not met the filing requirements within 60 calendar days of the filing date, the licence will be terminated.


Filings for 01 JUNE 2017 wil no longer be accepted. If your licence was terminated, effective 02 AUG 2017 for not filing, you must now submit a REAPPLICATION.


    A report for employers (agencies/firms) with details of individuals who are authorized to represent their agency or firm is available on the Search Licensee site. This report provides details of the employee's representation of a specific agency or firm as well as the employee's licence details, such as Next Filing Date. Instructions for accessing and generating the Report of Active Employees.

  1. Council Rules Course - If you hold a licence with an effective date of March 1, 2016 or later, you are required to complete Council's Rules course as part of your first year continuing education program. Information on course requirements can be found at Continuing Education, under the specific licence class.

  2. The Council Rules course is a continuing education requirement for all new licensees in British Columbia (even if you are a non-resident) and also for any licensees who obtain a new class of licence (i.e., you already had your General Insurance Licence, but newly obtained your Life and Accident and Sickness Insurance Licence).

  3. Licensees whose first licence has an effective date of March 1 to May 31 must ensure they have completed two years of continuing education credits prior to submitting their first annual filing. Licensees obtaining their licence during this period are required to meet two years of continuing education credit prior to their first annual filing, because their licence will have been effective for more than one year at the time of their first annual filing.

  4. If your first licence has an effective date of March 1 to May 31, your first annual filing date is June 1 of the following year (i.e., if your licence effective date is between March 1, 2017 and May 31, 2017, your first annual filing date will be June 1, 2018).

To determine the status of your licence, go to the Search Licensees section. SEARCH LICENSEES