Other Licensing Transactions
Add Authority To Represent


Add An Authorization To Represent (Employer)

You may add an “employer” on any Active or Inactive licence by submitting a request appropriately signed by the Agency or Firm you wish to represent.

You may also submit a request to act as an independent agent if you are a life and / or A&S agent. To act as an independent agent, however, you must ensure you meet all of the licensing requirements yourself, incuding having the authority to represent an insurance company (i.e. have a contract with an insurance company in your name) and have your own E&O insurance in accordance with Council Rule 7(11).

There is no cost associated with adding an authority to represent an agency or firm or to to act independently.

You may use this OPTIONAL FORM.

End An Authorization To Represent

When a licensee leaves an agency, firm or direct writer, both the licensee and the employer are required to notify Council within 5 business days. This is a condition of licence imposed by Council Rules.

In addition, if the reason for withdrawing the authorization relates to the individual’s suitability or conduct as a licensee, Council must be provided with the reasons for the withdrawal.