Hearing Process

If a hearing is requested by a licensee, former licensee or applicant the original intended decision will no longer be valid, and the matter will be reconsidered at a hearing of Council.

  • Hearing Committee selection and information:
    • The hearing committee consists of one voting member of Council, and two non-voting members of Council.
    • The hearing takes place at Council’s office.
    • Council publishes a notice of hearing on Council’s website approximately 14 days prior to the hearing, including information about what is being considered at the hearing.
  • At the hearing:
    • A court stenographer is present at the hearing.
    • Council’s legal counsel represents Council at the hearing.
    • The licensee, former licensee or applicant may have legal representation present.
    • The licensee, former licensee or applicant will have an opportunity to introduce evidence to support their case.
  • After the hearing:
    • The hearing committee will deliberate and prepare a written report to full voting Council with its recommendation.
    • After considering the hearing committee’s report, Council will vote on the matter and provide its decision to the licensee, former licensee, or applicant in writing.
  • Hearing Committee recommendations:
    • The hearing committee’s recommendation can include, but is not limited to, a licence suspension, a licence termination, a fine, education, and/or investigation and hearing costs.
    • The hearing committee’s recommendation may result in higher or lower fines and discipline than the original intended decision.
    • The hearing committee may recommend taking no action.

If you have additional questions or concerns about the complaint process or disciplinary process for insurance licensees, please contact us.