Continuing Education


Continuing Education

All licensees are required to meet the continuing education requirements outlined below for each licence year. A licence year runs from 01JUN to 31MAY annually. If a licensee has been licensed for any part of a licence year, the individual must meet the full number of continuing education requirements, whether the licence was active or inactive.

Below is information on a licensee’s requirement to maintain records and on Council audits. At the end of this page are links to each of the continuing education programs (hours and type of education required) for each class of licence.

If you are a non-resident of British Columbia, you must meet the same requirements as a resident, with some exceptions and additions. Read this NON-RESIDENTS Information Page.

Requirement to Maintain Records

  • Licensees must ensure they have a valid record of course completion. Check with the course provider in advance to see if one is provided. If not, bring a form with you and ask the facilitator to sign it at the end of the session. When attending a conference with a number of different seminars, bring a summary sheet listing seminar titles, dates and hours and have each presenter sign at the end. A payment receipt will not be considered proof of attendance. You must have attended the full seminar or course.
  • Keep your proof of attendance records in a specific continuing education file, along with sufficient information on how the credit hours were determined. This includes topic outlines, the presenter’s name and qualifications and the times and dates. Some of this information may be in the course material.
  • Records to support continuing education must be kept for five years from the end of the licence period for which the education was used. Random audits are conducted. If you do not have the supporting documentation, Council may take disciplinary action, including invalidating the licence filing.

Continuing Education Audits

When audited, licensees will be asked to provide proof of completion or attendance for the continuing education taken. Original proof of attendance records will be required. Where a course or seminar was claimed, licensees must include sufficient information for Council to determine the content and length of the education as required under the Continuing Education Program. Licensees are expected to make a timely response to audit requests. Once the audit is completed, all original documents will be returned.

Click on the class of licence you hold below for details on your specific continuing education program: