LLQP Exam: Schedules and Fees


Exam cancellations | See the latest status updates for January exams below. 

Exam scheduling | Exam scheduling is available for exams in Vancouver and some locations outside of Metro Vancouver. At this time, we are actively exploring alternatives for in-person LLQP exams, such as online exams, and will provide further information if other options become available. (Updated January 15, 2021)


The Life Licence Qualification Program (LLQP) is a required certification if you, or your organization want to sell life insurance products in BC.  Before you choose your life insurance exam date, please refer to the schedule and fee information below. As we regularly update the information in this section, please check back often to ensure you have the most current schedule.

Exam Schedules
Exam Fees

LLQP Exam Schedules


Schedules below indicate current exam dates, but do not show availability.  To view real-time exam availability, registered examinees should log in to the Online Portal


Exam Fees

Examinees have the option to pay for a full-day exam package, or pay for and schedule one or more individual exam modules.



                                   Fee as of January 4, 2021 
HLLQP-Life and Accident & Sickness - Full-day package (all 4 modules)
Only applicable to examinees writing all modules in one day
Exam Module    
Life Insurance   $55.00
Segregated Funds and Annuities   $55.00
Accident and Sickness Insurance   $55.00
Ethics and Professional Practice (Common Law)   $55.00
Ethics and Professional Practice (Civil Code - Quebec)   $55.00
Rewrite of single exam module   $55.00
Copy of previously issued exam results   $25.00

Examination registration fees are non-refundable, non-transferable, and expire one year after registration. 

Accepted methods of payment

At this time, exam registration fees are accepted via online payment only. See our LLQP Exam Information page for more information about how to register and pay for the exams.