LLQP Exam: Schedules and Fees

The LLQP is a required certification if you, or your organization want to sell life insurance products in BC.  Before you choose your life insurance exam date, please refer to the schedule and fee information below. As Council regularly updates the information in this section, please check back often to ensure you have the most current schedule.

NOTE: New Fee Structure for LLQP Exam starting February 1, 2020.

Current LLQP Exam Schedules and Fees

Completed registration and payment must be submitted to Council's office in person or via mail.  
Office and Mailing Address: Suite 300–1040 West Georgia Street, P.O. Box 7, Vancouver, BC, V6E 4H1

Exam Fees

Current fee structure until January 31, 2020
Please note, a new fee structure will take effect February 2020.
Examination Fee Rewrite Fee
HLLQP Life and Accident & Sickness $125.00 $125.00
(rewrite up to 4 modules)
HLLQP Accident and Sickness
$125.00 $125.00
(rewrite up to 2 modules)
Upgrade to Life and Accident & Sickness (From HLLQP-Accident & Sickness)
$125.00 $125.00
(rewrite up to 2 modules)
Upgrade to Life and Accident & Sickness (From LLQP-Accident & Sickness)
$125.00 $125.00 
(rewrite up to 3 modules)
Ethics and Professional Practice (Civil Code - Quebec)
$125.00 $125.00

New Fee Structure - Starting February 1, 2020

Starting February 1, 2020, examinees have the option to pay for a full-day exam package, or pay for and schedule one or more individual exam modules.

Examinations (Effective February 1, 2020)

HLLQP-Life and Accident & Sickness - Full-day package (all 4 modules)
Only applicable to examinees writing all modules in one day
Exam Module (Effective February 1, 2020) From Feb. 1, 2020
Life Insurance $50.00
Segregated Funds and Annuities $50.00
Accident and Sickness Insurance $50.00
Ethics and Professional Practice (Common Law) $50.00
Ethics and Professional Practice (Civil Code - Quebec) $50.00
Rewrite of single exam module $50.00
Copy of previously issued exam results $25.00

Examination registration fees are non-refundable and expire one year after registration. 

Accepted methods of payment

In person: Visa, Mastercard, debit cards, cheque, cash, or money orders in Canadian funds only.
By mail: We accept cheque, cash, or money orders in Canadian funds only.  

At this time, online payment is limited to annual filing, and fees assessed to licence records. Cheques should be made payable to the Insurance Council of British Columbia. We do not accept post-dated or incomplete cheques.