Practice Audit Program

The Practice Audit Program is a regulatory program that aims to enhance public protection and licensee support through proactive reviews of licensee practices. The program works with licensees to identify and address potential issues before complaints are received by providing feedback and practice guidance so that licensees can ensure they are meeting their requirements under the Insurance Council’s Rules and Code of Conduct.

Who is subject to practice audits?

Any Insurance Council licensee may be subject to an audit under the Practice Audit Program. Audits are selected based on areas of risk identified annually, as well as on a random basis.

What is the practice audit process?

  • An audit questionnaire is sent to either the individual licensee or the agency’s nominee.
  • The licensee will be given a minimum of 21 days to complete and return the questionnaire for review by Insurance Council’s Practice & Quality Assurance Team. 
  • If no issues are identified, and if no clarification is required, the licensee will be provided with an audit summary to confirm the responses. At that point the audit is complete.
  • If it is identified that further guidance would be beneficial, or a response in the audit is unclear, the licensee will be contacted to discuss the questionnaire further, following which an audit summary will be sent that includes recommendations that the licensee can incorporate into their regular practice.
  • In cases where a serious conduct or competence issue is identified, the matter will be reviewed further and could result in discipline.

How do I prepare for a practice audit?

Treat the Practice Audit as a learning experience and take time to reflect on the current practices and procedures in your business. This program is intended to help licensees by providing feedback and practice guidance so that we can proactively identify and address potential issues before there is a risk to the public and complaints are received.  

Use the Practice Audit form below to conduct a self-assessment. This is a sample of a questionnaire that will be sent to you if you are audited. 

What are the areas the practice audit will review?


Areas the practice audit will review may include, but are not limited to, are:

  • Errors and Omissions Insurance
  • Authority to Represent
  • Proper recording of insurance transactions and related financial affairs
  • Client confidentiality practices
  • Compliance with practice advisories and guidelines
  • Other risks or trends as identified by Council. 

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