CE Accreditation Program

The CE Accreditation Program is designed to support licensees in meeting their CE requirements and provide an up-to-date list of courses and course providers accredited by the Insurance Council that qualify for CE credit.

The Insurance Council Accreditation Committee is now accepting individual course and Accredited Course Provider (ACP) applications from educational institutions and insurance organizations. Approved ACPs can self-accredit their own courses and promote them as Insurance Council accredited. Approved individual courses can also be promoted as accredited by the Insurance Council.

A list of accredited course providers is available where licensees can find accredited courses offered by ACPs and a list of accredited individual courses by following the links from our website. 

For accreditation applicants

Information on eligibility requirements and how to apply
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For licensees

Information for licensees on accredited courses that qualify for CE credit
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Accreditation Q&A

Learn more about entering and maintaining active CE accreditation status as an ACP or accredited individual course.
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Things to note:
  • Participation in the program is voluntary. Courses not accredited by the Insurance Council could still qualify for CE credits provided they meet the requirements of the CE Guidelines, but it is the licensee’s responsibility to self-assess the course.
  • There are two accreditation application streams available. It is important to read the Program Guidelines to determine which stream is best for you prior to applying.