Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent

Before you buy an insurance product, asking your agent the right questions will help you understand what you are purchasing and help avoid misunderstandings later. Asking questions is a normal and expected part of the process; your agent is there to help you find answers and information. 

Below is a list of questions to consider when working with your agent.

About Policies

  • What date does your coverage come into effect?
  • Do you know what is not covered by your policy? Sometimes knowing what is not covered, is as important as knowing what is covered.
  • Is the policy you are about to purchase, replacing a different insurance policy? If yes, why is it being replaced — and what will happen to the old insurance policy?
  • If you don’t want the policy anymore, will you be charged a fee to cancel it?
  • Are the premiums guaranteed to stay the same, or will they change at some point in the future — and why might they change?
  • Are the premium projections guaranteed, or are they estimates based on today’s best guess of future interest rates? This could change how long you must pay for your life insurance policy.
  • If you borrow money to purchase insurance, what will happen if your policy decreases in value?

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