Continuing Education Program

Continuing education (CE) is learning that helps fulfill the knowledge required to maintain a standard of professional competence and remain current in an ever-changing industry. Under Council Rule 7(5), insurance licensees must meet the requirements of the Insurance Council's continuing education program.

CE Requirements

To help licensees comply with professional standards, the Insurance Council developed a set of guidelines that illustrates CE requirements for each licence class.

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CE Courses

We now offer online courses for licensees that can count towards their CE credit requirements for the licensing period.

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CE Self-Tracker

To help you keep track of your CE credits, we developed a CE Self-Tracker within the online portal to determine the amount of credits required for the licensing period.

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CE Accreditation Program

The CE Accreditation Program is designed to support licensees in meeting their CE requirements and provide an up-to-date list of courses and course providers accredited by the Insurance Council that qualify for CE credit. The Insurance Council Accreditation Committee is now accepting individual course and Accredited Course Provider (ACP) applications from educational institutions and insurance organizations.

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