Submitting Annual Filing for a Licence

Screenshot of online portal main menu
  1. From the main menu in the Online Portal (shown above), click on Complete my annual filing.

  2. Review the information then click Proceed to annual filing.

  3. Under the action column, click Renew Licence.

  4. The next screen displays options for how the fee payment will be handled.
    • If your agency is not submitting the fee on your behalf, click No and then Continue.
    • If you have an agreement that your agency will submit your fee, click Yes. Please discuss this with your agency directly and only select Yes if you have their approval then click Continue.

  5. Review the declaration, click on the checkbox to agree, then click Continue. If you have any questions with regard to this declaration, please contact the Regulatory Services department.

  6. If your agency is submitting your fee, you will see a confirmation screen that your filing declaration has been successfully submitted. Your filing is not considered complete until Council has received your fee. Please follow-up with your agency directly with any questions related to the fee.

  7. If you are paying your Filing Fee, the next screens will allow you to add the Filing Fee as a payment items and then take you to a payment form (Moneris) to process your fee.

  8. After the fee has been paid, you can return to the main menu to access the receipt for your payment or download and print your updated licence certificate.

Submitting Payment for Multiple Licences

For corporate licensees: How to submit payment in bulk for multiple licenses, (e.g., an agency submitting payment on behalf of licensed employees).  

Screenshot of Bulk Payment Window
  1. From the main menu in the Online Portal (shown above), click on List and manage bulk filing payments.

  2. Review the action column for each licence. Each of the column headers can be used to sort the lists and the quick search can be used to locate specific licensees or groups of licensees.
    • Licensees that display "Renew Licence" have not yet submitted their filing declaration. Please communicate directly with these licensees that they will need to sign into their online portal accounts and follow the steps above to complete their filing declaration.
    • Licensees that display "Pay Fees Due" have submitted their online declaration. Select the checkbox next to each licensee and click on Add to payment items

  3. Click on Payment Items.

  4. Review the items and click Pay Fees. This will take you to the payment form screen (Moneris) where you can submit your payment details. Alternatively, click on Pay by electronic fund transfer to submit your payment via EFT. 

    Payments made by credit card will be automatically updated on the Licensee Directory with a next filing date of June 1, 2021, and licensees will be able to print a new licence certificate from their own online portal accounts. Payments submitted via EFT need to be processed by the Insurance Council's accounting department before the next filing date will update on the Licensee Directory.

Note: If you are submitting annual filings for multiple licences that you hold (i.e., two individual licences or an individual licence and a corporate licence), you will need to follow the steps for submitting an annual filing for a licence noted above, as a filing declaration must be submitted for each licence prior to payment.