Insurance Council 2024-2026 Strategic Plan

Published May 23, 2023

The Insurance Council is excited to announce its 2024-2026 Strategic Plan. The plan outlines the Insurance Council’s key goals and priorities over the next three years.
To view the full strategic plan please visit the Strategic Plan and Annual Report section of our website.
Key elements of the 2024-2026 Strategic Plan are:
  • The creation of a guiding principle that the Insurance Council will apply to all its work as a regulator and how we conduct ourselves as an organization.
  • A focus on developing tools to support and educate licensees on expected practices.
  • Prioritizing the modernization of technology, processes, and governance structures to effectively regulate a fast-changing industry.
  • Positioning the Insurance Council as a trusted partner through its outreach initiatives.
  • Focusing on the development of people and providing fair, equitable, and efficient services.
The Insurance Council develops its strategic plans in three-year increments enabling effective public protection that aligns with the fast pace of change in the insurance industry.
If you have any questions regarding the 2024-2026 strategic plan, please reach out to Galen Aker at