Salesperson Supervision Guidelines

Provide your input about proposed guidelines for the supervision of general insurance salespersons

What is this about?

The Insurance Council is consulting on a guidance document for the supervision of general insurance level 1 salespersons. The guidance describes the overall expectations and obligations of nominees in meeting their supervision requirements and outlines salespersons’ requirements and responsibilities.

General insurance salespersons are required to be supervised by a general insurance agent when conducting insurance activities.

What’s happening?

We are inviting your feedback on draft guidelines for supervision of general insurance level 1 salespersons until end of day, April 8, 2022.

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Current Status

Consultation on the draft guidelines, Supervision of General Insurance Salespersons Guidelines, closed on April 8, 2022.

Feedback received from licensees and stakeholders during consultation is currently being reviewed and will inform Council members' consideration of the proposed guidelines. 

(Updated April 12, 2022)

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Guideline development  (Fall 2021-Late Spring 2022)
  • Research and development – Oct 2021-Jan 2022 
  • Initial consultation – Feb-Mar 2022
  • Broad stakeholder consultation – Mar-Apr 2022
Consultation results and decision (Apr 2022)
  • Voting Council review and decision
Guideline Implementation (Late Spring/Summer 2022)
       (Pending approval - Intended to coincide with the permanent amendment to Rule 6(1)(b))