Accreditation Applicants

Eligible applicants can now apply to become an Accredited Course Provider (ACP), enabling them to accredit their own courses in accordance with the Program Guidelines: Continuing Education Accreditation for Individual Courses. To achieve accreditation, a course provider’s application is reviewed by the Accreditation Committee established by the Insurance Council to ensure they meet the criteria set out in the accreditation guidelines.

More information to come for applications for individual course accreditation.

How does the application process work?
Applications for accreditation can be submitted online through the Insurance Council’s Online Accreditation website by creating an account. The process for accreditation is as follows:

The CE Accreditation program is based on the Program Guidelines: Continuing Education Accreditation for Course Providers. This document outlines the program elements and process for accreditation of organizations that provide CE courses.         

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How to Apply
Applications for the Insurance Council's CE Accreditation program are completed online through the Online Accreditation website. Before creating your account, follow the step-by-step guide on how to apply.

How to set up an account

Applicants are responsible for reviewing and meeting the Program Guidelines: Continuing Education Accreditation for Course Providers and the Program Guidelines: Continuing Education Accreditation for Individual Courses prior to applying.

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Accreditation Q&A

About the program

If accreditation is not mandatory, what is the incentive for seeking accreditation?
In consultation, we heard from licensees that they want more clarity around what courses qualify toward meeting their licence requirements. They want certainty that if they take a course, it will count for credit. The accreditation program would help address this by providing a list of courses and course providers that have been approved by the Insurance Council. We also heard from course providers who are in support of this program. All accredited course providers will be listed on the Insurance Council website.

I don’t see an option to apply for individual course accreditation, is this available?
We are introducing the CE Accreditation program using a phased approach beginning with opening applications for accredited course providers.

We will be accepting applications for individual courses at a later date. In the meantime, please see the criteria required for individual course accreditation here.

How are accreditation decisions made?
All applications are reviewed by an Accreditation Committee that is established by the Insurance Council to ensure they meet the respective individual course/course provider accreditation guidelines. There is a committee each for life and accident & sickness insurance and general insurance/adjusters. Committee members are composed of industry experts.

Applications and fees

How do I apply?
Accreditation applications are submitted through our Online Accreditation website only. Upon reviewing the program guidelines for Continuing Education Course Provider Accreditation and Continuing Education Accreditation for Individual Courses:
  • Ensure the Accreditation Request information is completed in full and submit the request application and fee through the Online Accreditation website.
  • Once the application has been received, the processing time varies depending on the completeness of application. If there are any materials missing from the application, the processing time may increase.
  • The Accreditation Committee will communicate application status to the applicant.
  • If an applicant is denied accreditation, the Accreditation Committee will notify the applicant and inform of any discrepancies.
  • Accredited course provider applicants are required to enter information about their organization, as well as submit information on a current course offering as a sample course as part of the application process.

What are the associated accreditation fees?
The fees for accreditation for a course provider are:
  • $500 for a three-year accreditation with an annual $100 administrative fee.
Application fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

What are the application requirements?
All application requirements can be found in the Program Guidleines: Continuing Education Accreditation for Course Providers and Program Guidelines: Continuing Education Accreditation for Individual Courses.

Applicants are responsible for reviewing and meeting these guidelines prior to applying. Incomplete applications will result in delays in processing time and/or denial.

How do I know if I'm eligible for ACP status?
Organizations seeking ACP status must consistently promote licensee competency and best practices through high-quality, industry-relevant courses and pay the required fee(s).

Additionally, course provider applicants would need to meet the following criteria:
  • Offer a minimum of five insurance industry courses at any given time that meet the course content requirements outlined in the Insurance Council’s CE guidelines or offer insurance designation programs or courses that lead to a recognized insurance designation.
  • Provide access to a current course offering for review as part of the application package.
  • Complete mandatory training for Accredited Course Providers within 30 days of application approval. Failure to complete the mandatory training within the specified timeframe will result in application revocation.
The Insurance Council will consider requests for accredited course provider status from insurers, agencies, and organizations that offer continuing education courses to BC licensed insurance agents, adjusters and salespersons, provided they meet the above criteria.

Please review our program guidelines for more information.

If my application is denied, what do I need to do?
If the application is denied, insufficiencies will be communicated to the applicant in writing. The applicant is welcome to correct insufficiencies that have been identified and reapply.

Timelines and deadlines

When do I need to apply?
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. This means you can apply at any time throughout the year. Create an account and start your application here.

How long will my application take to be approved?
The Review Committees will meet monthly to review applications. The processing time for applications varies depending on the completeness of an application. If there are any materials missing from the application, the processing time may increase.

Please note the processing time for applications will also vary depending on application volume.

How long is a course provider accredited for?
Course providers would need to renew their accreditation status after three (3) years. ACPs who fail to comply with the Insurance Council’s CE requirements, fail to comply with the accreditation program guidelines, or become unresponsive to inquiries from the Insurance Council, will have their ACP status revoked and will no longer be allowed to present themselves as an accredited course provider in British Columbia.

Should you have any further questions, please send a detailed email to