Information for agents and adjusters about emergency flood response

Published November 26, 2021

Following recent catastrophic flooding in British Columbia and the resulting emergency response, the Insurance Council anticipates that many insurance agents and adjusters will be called on to provide services to clients to assess coverage, damage and loss.

The following information is provided for general insurance agents and adjuster licensees.

Claims adjuster and insurer exemptions to provincial restrictions

Following the declaration of a state of emergency, the provincial government introduced restrictions for travel along severely damaged highways and purchasing fuel for non-essential purposes. Insurers and claims adjusters have now been designated as ‘essential services’ and are exempt from the 30-litre fuel restriction and will have access to restricted highways.

Adjusters and insurers will not need to show paperwork to access restricted highways, but will need to declare at any checkpoints that the purpose of their travel is to respond to the flood event.

Insurance form required to access the Disaster Financial Assistance program

The Province has extended access to the government’s Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) program to eligible parties impacted by the current emergency. It is expected that insurance agents will receive requests from clients to complete the insurance form required for application for DFA funding.

Agents will need to complete and return the form to Emergency Management (EMBC), providing information about eligibility for funding. Information about eligibility and form submission is provided in this letter from EMBC regarding DFA eligibility, as well as the DFA template insurance form.

More information about the Disaster Financial Assistance program is available on the EMBC website.

Adjuster licence applications being expedited

The Insurance Council is currently prioritizing completed adjuster licence applications in response to the anticipated rise in claims as a result of flood-related loss and damage. This temporary measure will remain in effect until December 15, 2021, at which time we will reassess the current need. All applications for adjuster licences will be identified and expedited with online applications being the quickest way to apply. 
Adjuster licence application information
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