Level 1 General Insurance Salespersons consulted on competency framework

Published April 12, 2022

The Insurance Council is developing competency profiles as a basis for licensing qualifications. Competency profiles identify the core technical and interpersonal skills necessary to successfully carry out an occupational role.  

The Level 1 General Insurance Salesperson Competency Framework is the Insurance Council’s first initiative of this type, with the goal of creating similar profiles for all types of insurance licences. Gaining industry insights is an essential part of doing this work.

The purpose of the Level 1 General Insurance Salespersons Competency Framework is:
  • To help potential licensees know what their work will entail
  • To help licensees recognize their accountabilities in the workplace
  • To help employers know what they can expect on-the-job from a newly qualified licensee
  • To provide transparency into the qualification requirements for level 1 general insurance applicants seeking licensure in British Columbia
A draft competency framework for level 1 general insurance salespersons has been created by a working group of experienced insurance professionals under the guidance of an expert consultant. Focus groups consisting of insurance agency senior managers were convened to review and provide feedback on the draft framework.

To validate the proposed competencies, input is being sought from those individuals who hold the licence being assessed.  A survey was sent by email to all level 1 general insurance salespersons on April 11. All level 1 general insurance salespersons are encouraged to participate in the survey. 

Expectations for insurance professionals in the workplace evolve; through development of competency profiles, the Insurance Council can ensure its licensing qualifications remain current.