Adjuster licences expedited — Temporary licence available in response to wildfires

Published August 23, 2023

In response to the Provincial State of Emergency due to BC wildfires, the Insurance Council is expediting applications for insurance adjuster licences and is now accepting applications for temporary insurance adjuster licences.

Intended to enable the availability of qualified licensed adjusters following a catastrophic event, the temporary insurance adjuster licence waives requirements for completion of the Council Rules Course and a criminal record check, and is valid for a period of three months to adjust the named catastrophic event. Completed temporary insurance adjuster licence applications take one business day to process.

Applications for the temporary licence can be submitted via online form or email and must identify the catastrophic event the temporary licensee will be adjusting.

Temporary Licence Requirements

To qualify for licensure, applicants must:

  • Be licensed in their home jurisdiction for the same level of licence they are applying for

  • Be authorized to represent a licensed adjusting firm in BC

  • Satisfy all suitability checks, including suitability issues with other regulators and checks for money laundering and terrorist affiliations.

Temporary licensees remain accountable to understand and comply with the Insurance Council's Rules and Code of Conduct.

A temporary adjuster licence cannot be extended—a temporary licensee must apply and fully qualify for a licence to continue practice in BC after the temporary licence period ends.

See more information about the Temporary Insurance Adjuster Licence and how to apply on our website or contact the Insurance Council’s Licensing team at or 604-695-2007.