Donna Thorne Appointed Insurance Council Chair

Education and professionalism keys to equipping licensees for a future insurance industry

Published Ocotober 19, 2023

The Insurance Council is excited to announce Donna Thorne as Council Chair for 2023/2024. Donna has been an active member of Council since 2018 as both a Voting and Non-Voting member, holding roles on the Finance and Audit and MGA Compliance committees, and most recently the Chair of the Executive Committee.

With over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, Donna’s knowledge is a valuable resource in providing strategic leadership and direction for the Insurance Council. Her current industry role as Director of Strategic Growth with PPI Management puts a focus on the growth and professional development of advisors to provide the maximum benefit to their clients. Donna has a similar emphasis and vision for her tenure as Insurance Council Chair, “I want to ensure there is a clear knowledge baseline that is the standard competence level for all licensees. I would like to ensure that all advisors truly understand the rules and responsibilities of a licensed advisor working with British Columbians and the importance of their position.”

It's a focus on education and supporting licensees that Donna sees as the best method to address future and current challenges within the insurance industry. Weather events, such as the recent wildfire season and the 2021 flooding, are occurring at greater frequency and ferocity than ever before. New and emerging technology is changing how advisors support and interact with consumers. British Columbian consumers are on the front lines of these challenges, and now more than ever they need access to educated and talented insurance professionals. Ensuring insurance professionals have the resources and competency to deliver for British Columbians is a priority, “the industry is challenged by continuously changing technology, governance, and compliance. I believe that a focus on continuing education of licensees to maintain a standard of professional competence will support consumer protection in this ever-changing industry.”

Donna acknowledges a key challenge the industry is faced with: “the industry has a large need for recruitment of new competent and skilled licensees to become professional career advisors.” Focusing on continuing education, competency and expecting a high level of professionalism is what Donna believes will help support the recruitment of young professionals. Establishing professional standards that promote continual growth and ongoing learning in their profession are some of the keys to promoting a longstanding and rewarding career in the insurance industry, “which will only contribute to helping all of us protect the public.”

The responsibility of Chair is one that Donna is privileged to take on, as she understands the importance of effective leadership to make a positive impact on her profession and society in general: "In my role I recognize there is a constant need for leadership to maintain and improve the industry in which we work. Serving on Council gives us the unique opportunity to share our knowledge and make lasting positive contributions to the industry we work in. I am honoured to be entrusted with this leadership role and am excited to get to work with the team around me."