Council Rules Review

To ensure that the Insurance Council Rules continue to provide an effective regulatory framework for the oversight of insurance licensees and their business practices, we are conducting a comprehensive review of the Rules. We will be engaging our licensees and stakeholders as a part of this multi-year initiative.

About the Insurance Council Rules

About the Rules Review Initiative

Our Progress to Date


Current Status

  • Amendments to ​Rule 5 Council Fees have received ministerial approval and take effect September 20, 2021. Learn more
  • Consultation for Rule 6(1)(b) is now closed. Learn more about the proposed rule change here

About the Insurance Council Rules

The Insurance Council’s Rules outline conditions and requirements for conducting insurance business, in addition to the requirements set out in the Financial Institutions Act and other legislation. These rules apply to all insurance licensees practising in BC.

The rules were introduced in 2005. Over the years, there have been a few updates, but the complete Insurance Council Rules have never been reviewed since that time.

See the Insurance Council Rules

About the Council Rules Review Initiative

The Council Rules Review Initiative will examine each of the rules: the impact they have on licensees, the industry, and our mandate of public protection. The review will seek to identify provisions that need to be clarified or aligned with current practices, that might be outdated and in need of updating, or that could otherwise be more effective in achieving regulatory outcomes. Where it makes sense, we will bring forward proposed revisions to address these areas.

Any proposed changes to the existing rules will involve licensee and public consultation, approval by the voting members of Council, and ultimately must be submitted to the Minister of Finance for final approval. 


The nine Insurance Council Rules will be divided into groups for the purpose of review.  Each group of rules will be reviewed, and proposed revisions to those rules will be brought to the voting members of Council to seek approval for public consultation. If approved, following a minimum 60-day consultation period, the feedback would be brought to Council to consider.  Council would then decide if and when to submit the proposed rule changes to the Minister of Finance for review and final approval. 

The process for each group of rules is as follows:

This process will be repeated for each group of proposed rule changes until all the rules have been reviewed. We expect this project to extend into 2023, owing to the volume and complexity of information to be considered, time necessary for consultation, and legislative requirements.

About Consultation

Under the Financial Institution Act Regulations, proposed changes to Insurance Council Rules are subject to public consultation. As a part of the consultation process for each group of proposed rule changes, the following will be made available to the licensees, the public and other stakeholders:

  • The wording for proposed rule changes
  • An explanation of the changes
  • Information on how to provide feedback.

This information for each group of rule changes will be made available as they are confirmed for consultation by the voting members of Council. 

Feedback on proposed rule changes will be collected and provided to the voting members of Council, and ultimately to the Minister of Finance, should the rule changes be submitted for her approval. 

Progress to Date

Rules are being reviewed based on strategic priority and regulatory impact. Since the start of the initiative, updates to the following Council rules have been brought forward:

  • Rule 6(1)(b) Location Restrictions for Level 1 General Insurance Licence
    Status: Second round of public consultation results to be presented to voting Council in September 2021 for review and decision. 
     Learn more

  • Rule 5 Fees
    Status: Public consultation and review by voting Council complete. Amended rule has been submitted for ministerial approval and has received consent from the Minister of Finance. It will take effect September 20, 2021.
    Learn more

Where to Find More Information

Information about the Council Rules Review Initiative will be available on this webpage, and updated throughout the life of the project. If you have questions about this initiative, or the processes involved, contact us at

Last updated August 17, 2021