Annual Licence Renewal

Annual licence renewal for all licensees opens April 3, 2024. The deadline to complete your annual licence renewal is June 3, 2024. Annual licence renewals that are not complete will incur a late fee as of June 4, 2024, and any licence that has not been renewed by August 6, 2024 will be automatically cancelled for non-renewal.

Annual licence renewal is done through the Insurance Council's online portal and consists of several steps, but includes two key components:

  1. Submitting the annual licence renewal declarations, and 
  2. Submitting payment for the annual licence renewal fee.

CE and E&O insurance requirements must be met before renewal

Council Rule 4(4) requires licensees to have met their continuing education (CE) and errors and omissions (E&O) insurance requirements before they are able to renew their licence. Licensees who cannot confirm that they have met their CE requirements and/or do not have the required E&O insurance will not be able to renew their licence. 
All licensees regardless of licence status or working status are still required to complete annual CE credits. Licensees who are anticipating that they will not be able to meet CE requirements due to extenuating circumstances and are not working should contact the Practice and Quality Assurance team early to ensure there is enough time to review the situation and consider what steps, if any, are available to avoid a lapse in licensure or the cancellation of their licence. To understand your CE and E&O insurance requirements, visit: Licensee Responsibilities.


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About Annual Licence Renewal

Who needs to complete annual licence renewal?

All insurance licensees must submit an annual licence renewal declaration and fee for each licence held, whether their licence status is active, inactive, or suspended. The renewal deadlines are the same for all licensees, regardless of the class of licence. All licensees must submit their declarations, regardless of who pays the annual licence renewal fee. 

Nominees are reminded that an annual licence renewal declaration and fee is required for each agency/firm licence, in addition to their own individual licence.

How much is the annual licence renewal fee?


Received by June 3, 2024

Received by August 6, 2024
Individual Renewal Fee


$325 + $260 late renewal fee
Agency/Firm Renewal Fee $575 $575 + $500 late renewal fee

Annual licence renewal fees include $25 government fee.

*Licensees who have not submitted their declarations and fee by August 6, 2024 will have their licence(s) automatically cancelled for non-renewal.

It is the responsibility of the individual licensee to ensure that the annual licence renewal fee is received by the Insurance Council, even if they have an agreement with their agency or firm to submit the payment on the licensee's behalf.

How do I submit my annual licence renewal?

All annual licence renewal declarations and payments are done via the online portal. 

  • Sign into the Insurance Council's online portal

  • Complete the annual licence renewal declarations and pay your fee with Visa, Mastercard, or Interac Online debit. If your agency or firm is submitting your fee, you must submit your own declarations and then follow-up with them to confirm that the fee has been paid.

Detailed instructions for individual licence renewals and bulk payments are available. More information and FAQ for the online portal can be found here, and you can watch an overview video on the annual licence renewal process below.


How to complete your annual licence renewal
A 10 step guide.
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What is an annual licence renewal declaration?

Depending on the type and class of licence held with the Insurance Council, licensees will be asked to confirm a number of statements related to their licence requirements, including confirmation that the licensee has completed their CE credits for the licence year (June 1, 2023 to May 31, 2024). No supporting documentation needs to be submitted at the time that the declarations are made, but licensees should maintain proper records in case they are audited by the Insurance Council.

Have questions?

Our online portal support team can assist with accessing your online portal account or navigating the renewal process on the portal. Please email or call 604-695-2005 or call 1-877-688-0321 and press 6.

Our Practice and Quality Assurance team can assist with practice questions or any questions related to the declaration statements. Please email or call 604-695-2008 or call 1-877-688-0321 and press 3.

Our Licensing team can assist with upgrades and changes to your licence (add/removing a supervisor, add/removing authorization to represent an agency or firm, name changes, or to upgrade your licence) as well as cancellation. Please email or call 604-695-2007 or call 1-877-688-0321 and press 2.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance Requirements

Annual Licence Renewal 101

My agency/firm pays my annual licence renewal fee. What do I need to do?

Each licensee is responsible for completing their annual licence renewal declarations via the online portal, and can then select the option that they have an agreement with their agency/firm that the agency/firm will submit the fee on their behalf. Please confirm this with your agency/firm before selecting this option.

It is the responsibility of the individual licensee to ensure that the renewal fee is paid and received by the Insurance Council, even if the licensee has an agreement with the agency/firm that the agency/firm will submit the payment on their behalf.
Your licence renewal is not complete until you have submitted both the required annual renewal declarations and the fees have been received. If the fee has not been received by the Insurance Council by the late period, your licence will be automatically cancelled.

I have a life licence and a general licence. Do I need to submit an annual licence renewal for both?

If you hold more than one licence with the Insurance Council, you are required to submit a declaration and a renewal fee for each licence that you hold.

I have a licensed agency/firm. What do I need to do?

It is the nominee's responsibility to submit the annual licence renewal declarations and fee for the agency/firm. If the agency is licensed for general and life insurance, two annual licence renewal declarations and two fees are required. The nominee is also required to submit their annual licence renewal declarations and fee for each of their own individual licence(s).

What happens if I don't submit an annual licence renewal?

Where a licensee has not submitted the annual licence renewal declarations and/or not submitted their fee by August 6, 2024, the licence will be automatically cancelled for non-renewal. If your licence is cancelled for non-renewal, you must cease all insurance activities in British Columbia until you submit a licence application and your licence is reinstated. To submit a cancellation request, please log into your online portal account and select Licence Updates from the main menu.

For more information about reinstating an insurance licence, please review the Reinstatement Provision.

Continuing Education

Do I need to complete my continuing education before I submit my annual licence renewal?

Yes, in accordance with Council Rule 4(4), licensees must submit a declaration stating that they have met their continuing education requirements for the June 1, 2023 to May 31, 2024 period before they can continue with their annual licence renewal. 

For more information about continuing education, please visit the Continuing Education page of our website.

If I submit a late annual licence renewal, does that allow me additional time to complete my continuing education?

No. Continuing education must be completed by May 31, 2024 and the related requirements must be met prior to submitting the declaration. Licensees who do not meet their CE requirements by May 31, 2024 or per the CE Guidelines for their licence class will be in breach of Insurance Council Rules and Code of Conduct. Licensees who submit a late annual licence renewal and who completed their CE requirements after May 31 will still be required to confirm they met their CE requirements and also explain the non-compliance. Proof of CE credits must be kept and provided to the Insurance Council, if requested.

Where can I find more information about my continuing education requirements?

Please visit the Continuing Education page of our website to learn more about your CE requirements as well as to access the Continuing Education Guidelines for your licence class and other helpful CE related resources such as learning about the CE Accreditation Program, available courses and webinars, and other tools and resources. Each licence class has its own CE guidelines which provide important details about CE requirements, such as how many credits are required, what courses qualify as CE, how to calculate eligible CE credits, and more. 

Do I Need to Renew My Licence?

I'm not conducting insurance business right now and my licence is inactive. Do I need to submit an annual licence renewal?

Yes. An annual licence renewal declaration and fee is required for all licence holders, regardless of active, inactive or suspended licence status.

My licence was issued between March 1 and May 31, 2024, do I need to submit an annual licence renewal this year?

No. Licences issued between March 1 and May 31, 2024 have a first annual licence renewal date of June 1, 2025.

What do I need to do if I want to cancel my licence?

Licensees should submit a request to cancel their licence via their online portal account by selecting Licence Updates from the main menu, or by sending an email with their name, licence number and the requested cancellation date to


I am an agency/firm and I want to pay the annual licence renewal fees on behalf of licensees who are authorized to represent my agency/firm. How can I do that?

Agencies/firms will need to ask their licensees to sign into their individual online portal account and submit their annual licence renewal declarations through their own portal. When the agency/firm logs into the agency/firm's online portal account, they can then submit payment for all of the licensees whose status shows in the list as "Pay Fees Due for Renewal" via Visa, Mastercard, Interac Online debit, or prepaid account. Click here to access instructions on how an agency/firm can use the portal. Nominees have access to do this, and can assign delegates via their own portal account. Please see the online portal page for more information about the delegate functionality. 

It is the agency/firm's responsibility to review the list of licensees displayed in the agency/firm's portal account and to report any changes required to the Licensing Department at

How do I pay by EFT?

Agencies/firms can pay by EFT only with a prepaid account, which must be set up with the Insurance Council's accounting team in advance (see instructions below). As these accounts take time to set up and additional time must be allowed for the transfer and deposit of funds, the account must be set up by May 15, 2024 in order to ensure that the funds are available for the agency/firm's use in time for the June 3rd deadline.

Agencies/firms are eligible to set-up a prepaid account if they are submitting payment for a minimum of 40 licence renewal fees.

How do I set up and use a prepaid account?

Prepaid accounts are for annual licence renewal fees only. After the conclusion of the late licence renewal period, the Insurance Council will return any unused funds in the prepaid account.
To set up a prepaid account:

  1. Send your request for a prepaid account by email to and include:
    • The agency or firm's legal name
    • The agency or firm's licence number
    • Your contact information
  2. The Insurance Council's finance team will email you a form to fill out. Complete and return the form as soon as possible.
  3. Within three business days of receiving the completed form, the Insurance Council's finance team will confirm via email that the prepaid account is set-up. If funds will be added by EFT or cheque, the Insurance Council's finance team will provide instructions on how to send the funds.
  4. Once the funds are received, the Insurance Council's finance team will provide confirmation and the agency/firm can then use the funds to pay for annual licence renewal fees via the online portal. Click here to access detailed instructions on submitting bulk payments.
To use funds in a prepaid account, add the fees to the payment items and then select Pay with Prepaid Account. You can access the transaction history (including deposits, payments and all receipts) by selecting Manage Prepaid Accounts from the portal main menu and then clicking on the Account ID.

Late Annual Licence Renewal

I hold an active insurance licence and I missed the June 3 annual licence renewal deadline and will be submitting a late renewal. Can I still conduct insurance business?

Yes, your insurance licence remains valid until August 6, 2024. If you have not completed your Annual Licence Renewal, including submitting the required declarations, and if we have not received your annual licence renewal fee by the end of day on August 6, 2024, your licence will be automatically cancelled for non-renewal.

Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance Requirements

Where can I find information about my E&O insurance requirements?

You can learn more about your E&O insurance requirements on the E&O Insurance page of our website.