Insurance Council Rules Course

The Insurance Council Rules Course is an overview of licensee responsibilities under the Insurance Council Rules, provincial legislation, and other regulatory responsibilities.

The course is a prerequisite for licensure. All applicants for an insurance licence in BC must complete the Council Rules Course to qualify for a licence, except those who qualify under the Reinstatement Provision in Council Rule 2(19). Please ensure you are registering for the correct course prior to proceeding to payment. Course fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

The Council Rules Course is delivered in two streams:


  1. Life and/or accident & sickness insurance
  2. General insurance and adjusters

The Insurance Council is the sole provider of this course. Each version of the course was previously provided by Advocis and the Insurance Brokers Association of BC (IBABC).

With recent updates to licensee requirements and the establishment of new guidelines, the course has gone through extensive changes to what was previously offered to reflect the ongoing evolution. It is recommended for existing licensees to complete the course, which will familiarize them with the changes and keep them up to date with industry standards. Existing licensees who complete the course are eligible to receive two CE credits to count towards their CE requirements for the licensing year.

Register for the course through our online portal. 

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Q&A on the Council Rules Course

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