Consultation on Continuing Education Guidelines


The Insurance Council of BC is consulting on proposed Continuing Education Guidelines for its licensees.

We are seeking input from our licensees and stakeholders to inform Council’s decision-making process as it considers adopting these guidelines.

Status: The Consultation Period is now closed, as of July 31, 2020. 

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What is this about and why now?

Licensees must meet continuing education (CE) program requirements established under Insurance Council Rule 7(5) as a part of their professional responsibilities.

CE requirements for licensees have previously been established through various notices on this topic (ICN-08-004, ICN-08-005, and ICN-05-001) and supplemented with information provided through the website. However, until now, there has not been a comprehensive CE guidance document for licensees.

In order to provide better support to licensees, the Insurance Council is proposing new CE guidelines to be adopted for use. These guideline documents for each licence class aim to make CE requirements easier to understand, address inconsistencies, and provide more specific guidance and resources.  Through increased licensee awareness of and compliance with their CE obligations, public protection will also be enhanced.

What are the Continuing Education Guidelines?

The proposed CE guidelines comprise four separate guideline documents, available to view or download below:

Life and/or Accident & Sickness Insurance AgentsContinuing Education Guideline Program for General Insurance Agents and SalesContinuing Education Guideline Program for Adjusters•	Continuing Education Guideline Program for Exempt Travel Agents

If approved by Council, these guidelines would replace the existing guidance on CE provided by prior Notices.
The proposed guidelines clarify and simplify current CE requirements, standardize requirements, and clearly identify licensees’ responsibilities.

Under the guidelines, the amount of CE credits required annually for each class of licence has been standardized. The current amount of CE required for each class of licence remains the same, but reductions or exemptions have been eliminated. The guidelines would allow licensees to carry over unused CE credits to the following year, and remove maximum limits for course credit available to licensees. The guidelines also provide information on qualifying course content, and guidance and template forms for CE record keeping.

See more information about the CE Guidelines: What's different, What's the same


About Consultation

The Insurance Council is seeking feedback about the proposed new guidelines, and invites stakeholders to review the documents and provide comments during the consultation period. 

Consultation is now closed. 

The consultation period was open from late May until July 31, 2020. During this time, licensees and stakeholders were able to provide their feedback about the guidelines to the Insurance Council through the opportunities listed below.

Survey: Closed July 17, 2020

Consultation Timeline