Continuing Education Self-Tracker

The Continuing Education (CE) Self-Tracker is a resource designed to help licensees keep track of their CE credits in one area within the Insurance Council’s online portal.

The CE Self-Tracker is a way for licensees to view how many credits they have completed and how many are still required for the licence period by self-entering completed credits. The tracker automatically calculates outstanding credits for the licensing year including any carryover credits, if applicable. It detects your licence class and licensing deadline, taking the guesswork out.

There isn’t a function to upload proof of CE records, so licensees will still have to maintain their own records for auditing purposes. The CE Self-Tracker is optional to use, and you are not required to enter your completed CE credits. Regardless of whether you decide to use the Self-Tracker, you are subject to the Insurance Council’s record-keeping requirements. 

Access the CE Self-Tracker through the Insurance Council’s Online Portal.

Using the CE Self-Tracker

Log into your portal account using your user name and password. After logging in, click on CE Self-Tracker located under the heading Manage my Continuing Education. Follow the step-by-step guide on how to use the Self-Tracker. 

CE Recording-keeping

To meet the Insurance Council’s CE record-keeping requirements, you will still need to keep a record of your CE. Inputting your CE information in the CE Self-Tracker alone is not sufficient to meet the requirements. The CE Self-Tracker is a means for licensees to record their credits for personal tracking only to determine how many credits are still required for the current licence period.  

You are responsible for maintaining your CE records for five licence periods. These may include: a course completion certificate issued by the course provider for each course taken, relevant course content, and the number of eligible CE credits granted for each course.   

More information on CE records can be found in the CE Guidelines

Q&A on the CE Self-Tracker

What are the benefits of using the CE Self-Tracker? 

The CE Self-Tracker has many features that will benefit you, including:  

  • Automatically calculating completed, outstanding and carryover CE credits specific to your licence class  

  • Links with more detailed CE info to self-assess the course content of the CE courses you have completed and determine how it meets Insurance Council’s CE requirements   

  • Access to the Self-Tracker anytime during the licence period to add or edit your CE information 

  • Organizing CE information so you can quickly determine what is needed to respond to a CE audit 

Who can use the CE Self-Tracker? 

All Insurance Council licensees, which includes life and/or accident insurance agents, general insurance agents, salespersons, and insurance adjusters. 

Is using the CE Self-Tracker mandatory? 

No, the CE Self-Tracker is optional to use. 


Can I upload CE documentation (e.g., certificates, attendance records) to the CE Self-Tracker? 

No, CE records need to be submitted only if you are audited by the Insurance Council. It is your responsibility to manage your own records in the likelihood of an audit. 


If I am audited by the Insurance Council, will the CE information I entered into the CE Self-Tracker be sufficient to satisfy the record-keeping requirements?  

No, you are still required to maintain your complete CE records for up to five (5) licence periods. Failure to complete CE or to keep full CE records can result in disciplinary action. 

If I use the CE Self-Tracker, am I more likely to be flagged for a CE audit? 

No, licensees are randomly selected for a CE audit. Using the CE Self-Tracker does not influence your likelihood of being audited.  


If I am audited, will the CE information I entered into the CE Self-Tracker be used to determine whether I have passed or failed the audit?  

If you are selected for an audit, we will provide you with advance notice and the opportunity to provide CE records for the licence periods being audited.  

Information on the CE Self-Tracker is available for your own personal use to help you keep track of the number of credits you have completed and how many are still required for the licence period; it is not intended for the purpose of auditing.  

I track my CE on another tracking platform. Does the Insurance Council’s CE Self-Tracker synchronize with other platforms?  

No, the CE Self-Tracker is independent of other non-Insurance Council of BC platforms. 

Can agencies access the CE Self-Tracker on behalf of licensees?  

No, only licensees can access and enter their own CE information into the CE Self-Tracker. Licensees are responsible for maintaining their own CE records.   

I am a non-resident of British Columbia, do I need to use the CE Self-Tracker?  

The CE Self-Tracker is optional to use. Unfortunately, the CE Self-Tracker is only able to calculate credits based on licensing requirements for BC and are not applicable to out-of-province insurance licence holders that have its own CE requirements.  

Review our CE requirements for non-resident licensees for more information. 

Have questions or feedback about the CE Self-Tracker?

Please contact our Practice & Quality Assurance Team at

As the Self-Tracker is newly implemented, we welcome your feedback on the Self-Tracker’s ease of use and functionality as we continue to develop the Self-Tracker over time.